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About Us

Recognizing a Simple Fact

Most companies create their own forms, websites and procedures manuals from scratch. This is not only unnecessary (after all, we don't do this with word processing software either) but it also causes problems:

it takes much time, and time is money;

we are bound to make mistakes rather than benefit from the experience of others.

Why spend valuable company time to design forms and standard documents from scratch if you can purchase very inexpensive templates? Why reinvent the wheel if others have already created the perfect solution? Why not benefit from established best practices?

Why not make it easy on yourself and benefit your company at the same time?

Recognizing this simple fact was the birth of Forms 'n' More.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with best practices and save them time, money and costly mistakes by offering, at discount prices, professionally designed forms and other standard documents to serve as templates.

Created by Experts

ISO 9001 experts

Forms 'n' More is proud to offer quality forms and templates that have been created by a cross-functional team of experts. For example, our ISO 9001 manuals and forms have been created not only by experienced ISO 9001 professionals but the team also included documentation experts and business managers.

This approach ensures that our forms and templates are based on best practices and real-life business experience. In short, they are not only error-free but also easy to use and efficient.

In addition, all our forms and templates have been professionally designed for pleasant appearance and ease of customization.

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Customer Service

Our customer service team consists of experts in their various fields. We are offering 24/7 customer service. For contact information, please see our contact page or contact us by mail at:

Forms 'n' More, PO Box 10188 #70535, Newark, NJ 07101-3188, United States

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